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What is Email Marketing

This is true ‘permission marketing’, your customers, prospects, past clients, giving you their direct permission to send them marketing messages – think about the power of that. You have been asked to send your advertising to a potential or existing customer there is no other marketing medium where that is the case.

Email Marketing Facts:

Rated #1 digital marketing channel for better ROI. Valuable owned media it is a database that you own and you control your reach 40 times more effective for Customer Acquisition than Facebook & Twitter combined Email drives purchases 3 times for often than Social with 17% higher Average Value 47% of emails today are read on a smartphone or tablet Email is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and is often seen as dated because it has been around for so long. There is a reason for that – it is effective.

In fact, it is more important to connect with your customers via email now more than ever. Your clients don’t just check email at work; they check it wherever they are - be it on their smartphones, in the supermarket queue, or on their tablets over a Saturday morning coffee.

With Email Marketing you have the opportunity to build a new relationship with prospects while they are in the later buying stages of the sales funnel using carefully targeted and designed messaging to take them through to becoming a customer.

Once a customer you can maintain the relationship with targeted relevant messages, there a good chance to build your brand image effectively.

Newsletters: Email newsletters are value-added information-based messages. They could contain an article, quick tip or industry update to keep your subscribers up-to-date.

Promotions and offers: Time-limited sales messages to increase your revenue

Autoresponders to prospects: Do you have prospects on your email list that haven’t yet bought from you? Or do you have a specific set of information you know it takes to make a purchasing decision in your industry? A carefully worded pre-written sequence of follow-up messages ‘autoresponder sequence’ is the perfect solution

Auto response to clients: These let you keep adding the ‘wow’ factor long after you have made the sale, with bonus hints, tips and advice. This is all about going the extra mile being personal and helpful, in a way that is automatic and cost-efficient. These kinds of auto-responders are proven to help with customer retention and to generate future sales and they event refer their friends about our offerings,

· Personalised campaigns based on loyalty or spend: Make your loyal clients feel extra special by treating them with VIP gifts or bonus nuggets of information. Send different special target offer to people who have shown that they like to buy premium or budget –products for services that you offer.

Major Events: It very useful for various Trade fairs and Indutrial Exhibition. It is a ideal tool the keep and create a buzz about the show. It is also useful to generate visitors ,exhibitors and sponsorship generation from the target audience and manufacturers and suppliers. For online shoppers and B2C portal, they use email marketing for special day for Valentine Day, Newyear sale, Christmas, and other Regional Sales etcs to provide offer for the regular buyers and to catch new customers through referrals. one click repurchasing…

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